Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Connections are Missed

On Craigslist, people can post their missed connections, which it seems there are a lot of people missing a connection to something or someone. This person has made maps of the locations of the missed connections. I think there should be boxes in all those locations for people to leave notes about what and who they miss, and why. Then someone should collect all the notes, and put them in the basket of a hot air balloon and send them to the sky. And the blog of the person who made the maps should have a map tracking the hot air balloon. When the hot air balloon lands, a grave should be dug exactly on that spot, and all the missed connections should be buried there, and a granite marker should be put on the grave saying these are all the dead wishes of people.

1 comment:

Seánan said...

That is a lovely idea.

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