Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Disappearance of Garnier Fructis the 3rd

This map shows the location of the arrow.

A painted arrow marks the path Garnier Fructis the 3rd took out of this building, and the spot where he vanished. Garnier was part of a gang of arty West Oakland outlaws who took to the streets nightly. In the space of nightfall to daybreak, they would put together astonishing installations of growing plants, living insects and soundscapes created by chains and bells. Every member of the gang was called Garnier Fructis, hence the ordinals denoting who was who and the order in which they joined the gang.

Granted it was dark when Garnier disappeared, but he seemed to vanish into the thin air. One minute he stepped out of the building, and when his friend Garnier Fructis the 2nd turned to look back from half a block away where he was unlocking their van, Garnier the 3rd was just gone.

The gang tried to continue their art attacks after this incident, but in the end they just couldn’t, and broke up.

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