Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Make a Rock Pile

1. Don’t think about rock piles for at least a week.

2. Approach the rocks in a way that makes them want to participate in your pile.

3. Start from the top down. Talk to the biggest rock first.

4. Think of elephants balancing on circus stools. But don’t tell the rocks. Just visualize.

5. Lead by example. Do a headstand to show the rocks what you mean.

6. Put the least cooperative rocks on the bottom, that way the weight of the others will hold them down.

7. Imagine that your head is a hot air balloon, and your body is suspended from it.

8. Then suspend the rocks from the topmost one in a similar fashion.

9. Mold the air into a supportive cushion around the pile.

10. When you bow, bow to the rocks, not the people watching.

This rock pile and others like it were made by a man in a red shirt in Berkeley Marina.

1 comment:

Denny said...

The Berkeley Marina rock pile shows that we all owe a debt to men in red shirts.

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