Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Lawyer's Fascination With Death

My lawyer showed me his typewriter collection. Then he showed me his pen collection. The pens were all from companies that he had handled the bankruptcies of. "Many of these remind me of people's funerals where I had to give a speech," he said.

He told me about one client who didn't show up for court because he had killed himself the night before. "And his poor wife, stuck with all the guns. Our idiot new Police Chief told her to join the hunting club, and she's crying, I can't join the hunting club, I've still got the puddle of blood on the yard from when my husband shot himself. Well, luckily her nephew is Army so he got the guns licenced and we just sold them to the idiot Police Chief then."

This wall mounted gun vase is from here.

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