Sunday, January 4, 2009

Design needed a recession. Now it's here.

In August 2007, Icon magazine published an article titled "Why design needs a recession". Well, we are told that recession is here. Presumably, that means a respite from some of the sillier excesses, at least until the next bubble. Will Favela Chic become about truly affordable, recycled style, as opposed to well-off people pretending like they went to Brazil and felt all ironic about poverty? Will yuppie geeks breathless with their own sense of entitlement rethink spending $100,000 on speakers? Will the Financial Times rename its weekend supplement "How to Not Spend It?" 

Will we see a return to common sense for a while? Will designers apply their skills to what people need - sustainable production, recyclable materials, cleaner energy - rather than trying like crazy to come up with new, extravagant things for them to want? My grandmother would be pleased to see that happen, if she was still here.

Article spotted on Things Magazine.
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