Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finnish Grandmothers and Other Necessities

Seeing this Jesus graffiti made me think of my grandmother. She was a cook in a prison. For the guards, not the prisoners. Later she was a mail person. She was really into Jesus.

She always told me stories, and I would request the same ones over and over. It's crazy that I heard them so many times, but now I can't really remember them any more. I remember something about how she and her sister painted shoes on their feet with some tar, because they wanted to go for a walk in the village and all the good people had shoes. A lot of dirt and leaves and feathers and whatnot stuck to the tar, and they looked awful. Their mother was really mad and spanked them. My grandmother told me fairy tales too, especially one, "Adalmina's Pearl", which I also wanted to hear again and again. I later got a book with that same fairy tale in it, and I remember thinking that my grandmother's version was much better. I don't remember what happens in "Adalmina's Pearl." A pearl is involved, and an Adalmina. 

I don't want to forget all my grandmother's stories. I need to ask my mom and write them down. And my mom's stories, too.

Will I really do this or will it be one of those things. 


katrilein said...

I would love to find a book with Adalmina's Pearl in it or whatever version your grandmother told. I hope that this is something that you will do and not let fall by the wayside!

Anonymous said...

I love how you write

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