Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rampant Hendricksen's Soul

It wasn't every day that Rampant Hendricksen felt like thinking about her mother. She had tried to kill Rampant, after all, eight times. Eight times as far as Rampant could remember, but it could have been more. Trying to kill Rampant had been a sort of a form of recreation, no more destructive than the other recreational activities in the Hendricksen household.

Staying alive had become Rampant's recreation. Finding hidey-holes and escaping through windows, floorboards, wall elements, and roof hatches became an obsession in its own right.

And so it was that Rampant Hendricksen could never be entirely domesticated, and sometimes in the middle of a meeting or friendly gathering she would excuse herself to use the bathroom and simply vanish. 

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