Monday, January 19, 2009

Those Quirky Finns

When the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center at MoMA in New York had an exhibition of Finnish contemporary art called "Arctic Hysteria", the New York Times published an odd review that mostly attempted some kind of ethnographic analysis of "the Finnish character" based on the art. Finns seem to have a "deep quirkiness", declared Ken Johnson, the critic.

He was right of course. Here is a "commercial break" produced by the Helsinki-based design collective Anteeksi. (The name means "We're sorry".) The commercials are meant to go together with their self-produced soap opera about the fortunes of the Scusi family.

Anteeksi also make marvelous products such as the Crate chair, and clothes, such as Untitled, and produce events and happenings. In their dayjobs they create more conventional designs and concepts - you can see those by navigating the links from the bottom of the main Anteeksi page.

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