Wednesday, January 21, 2009

West Oakland Sutra for the AK-47 Shooter at 3:00 AM

by Yusef Komunyakaa

the bang gotta be
so loud ears can’t
hear simple prayers
all night long casings
clink on the pavement
& color the street silver
so loud fragments of gut
& flesh cling to the plak-a-plak-plak
you unload your magazine
so loud windows shatter on babies
the bang gotta be
so loud you can expend bullets
& not feel emptied
till you are no more
than an endless round of ammunitions
on rival turf
you load your magazine
hold that trigger
so loud all the dollars & drugs in this world
can’t placate your bang
to ricochet against the concrete
the bang gotta be
so loud you can’t
just remove bolt and carrier
& pack it out of sight
crime in the city
modern man in the firing position
you gotta get zeroed
in on every desired range
so loud the trigger locked
in pull unloads like a runaway gun
into it into it so loud
killing is pre-conscience
the bang gotta be hard
killer bang to hear
& know the adrenaline
we are made of die young
cause if you wanna howl
this rifle be ready
to let the devil use your head
for a target

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