Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Foibles of Penultimate Brink

Penultimate Brink was Rampant Hendricksen's sister, but they were nothing alike. Penultimate had avoided most of the murder attempts by their mother. She had been in day care from an early age. Unlike her sister, Penultimate Brink was quite the social butterfly. And a bit of a slut frankly. At the age of eighteen, Penultimate Brink made a habit of attaching a plastic hair clip to the headboard of her bed after each romantic conquest. On Valentine's Day 2007 there were thirty six of them. But that night at 3:32 AM, there was a minor earthquake which caused all the hair clips to come loose and tumble onto Penultimate's sleeping head. One of them gripped her ear quite painfully. Penultimate Brink interpreted this as a sign, and immediately finished with her wanton ways. After this incident she only took a new lover once a year, on or near Valentine's Day.

Candy heart created with the excellent Acme Heart Maker.

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