Monday, March 2, 2009

Estonian Happiness Bank

Economic hard times are upon everyone, in case you haven't noticed. Estonian Internet entrepreneur Rainer Nolvak has opened a virtual Happiness Bank to remind people that doing good can bring satisfaction - you don't necessarily need to be making tons of money. In the Happiness Bank, people earn virtual money by doing good deeds to help those in need.

"We think that especially when the entire world is facing recession we need a lot of thinking also at the grass-roots level to figure what we all can do to fight recession and make life better," Nolvak said on Baltic Business News.

Their "Let's do it - let's clean Estonia" campaign on May 3, 2008 saw 50,000 volunteers turn out to collect 10,000 tonnes of illegally dumped garbage.

In the picture, Lydia Koidula, Estonia's national poet.

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