Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally something useful

Creative Home Engineering is a licenced company which installs silent, automated hidden passageways in homes.

Here are some examples of who will find them useful:
  • spies
  • Oakland politicians hiding from angry mobs
  • people with underground lairs
  • owners of large treasures
  • ghosts
  • people with collections of someting embarrassing, such as '80s lampshades
  • existentialists who need privacy for brooding
  • people with gorgeous design furniture who don't want their friends to become jealous, and prefer to entertain in a fake, "ordinary" living room
  • Austrians who keep people in cellars for 18 years (also Belgians)
  • people with extensive moonshine making operations
  • people who want to pretend that they have something important to hide
  • people who want everything to be a challenge: they can build an entire house that is a maze of secret passageways and rooms. Finding the cereal in the morning isn't an issue as much as finding the kitchen.

Picture is owned by Getty images. Meme spotted on Things Magazine.

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