Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Dr. Bronner of Crime Scene Cleanup

I can't believe I have a favorite Crime Scene Cleanup guy. Maybe I should Yelp this.

My guy's name is Eddie Evans. He has a tremendous blog, first of all. A philosophical, political, personal, poetical, practical, rambling crime scene cleanup blog. Listen to his musings about the recent cop killings: How would Professor Lumpin explain the doings in Oakland this weekend? Were these police officers acting as part of the "repressive apparatus" when they stopped this violating parolee? Or were they more like working class keepers of the peace trying to earn a middle-class income by risking their lives? The latter appeals to me, the former has its place in a general discussion of nationalism and the State.

There's lots more on the blog, and it's all very interesting. About himself, Eddie says: I am a 60 year-old "baby boomer". I give my age because this is what I did when I was little, say about 4 years old. I think I was probably a better person then, fewer bad influences, I suspect.

I wish Eddie had moved to our block. We could have tea together and discuss moral philosophy. We could read each others' blogs.

His professional website isn't going to win any design awards, but it continues in the same multifaceted, civic-minded vein. He covers topics such as cronyism in crime scene cleanup (there are kickbacks! the public ends up paying too much for services!), "is poop a biohazard?" (Eddie breaks it down like you wouldn't believe), as well as gives useful advice on employment, DIY crime scene cleanup, and life.

If you do not have a high school diploma, shame on you. Stop being lazy and turn the television off and leave it off. Stop playing games and get real. Read books, big fat books that keep your attention. Study night and day. It is time to grow up. Take control of your mind. Stop day-dreaming. You can make it big if you work hard and study hard!

I love this man. I wish the world of crime scene cleaning – and the world in general - had more people like him. For 29 bucks you can join his Crime Scene Cleanup school and the ranks of people who think this will make them millionaires.


crime scene clean up said...

what's a baby boomer?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bust your bubble but Eddie Evans may not be a dirt bag but he is a nut case. If youknew the guy you wouldn't go ten feet near him. You cannot learn Crime Scene Cleanup for $29. you just make Eddie $29 richer. The reason Eddie is cheap is because he cuts every corner, risking the health and safety of his clients. Eddie illegally disposes of biohazard waste including using your local 7-11 dumpster. No one is paying off PD, it's just that Eddie is such a low life no government agency wants him near a grieving family.

Dallas crime scene cleanup said...

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John Kelly said...

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Houstondivo said...

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