Friday, May 8, 2009

Ants in my Rants

One time I had ants and so I put sugar in the corner of the room. I was sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor, and I was concerned that ants would go in my ear in the night. So I baited them with sugar, hoping that they would all go in the corner and eat sugar instead of nesting in my ear. By the morning, the ants had told all their friends about some crazy Finnish chick who puts sugar on the carpet in the corner, and I had thousands of millions of them. Or at least hundreds of millions.

Photo from lost in exile tattoo.


Jenn said...

I keep thinking about this image since I first saw it in my blogreader in this posting...


"Permanent unemployment"?
"I want to be a bike messenger 4 life!"?

You know what I found works for ants - mix some boric acid (the stuff for the laundry) with sugar - sprinkle it where the ants are - and they take it back and eat it.

I haven't had ants in a couple months since I did that. They are all in my spider plants on the steps though. I should really water the plants more often to scare off the ants.

Sussu said...

Our ant issues aren't bad since we're on the second floor. This was in a previous home. Great tip though!

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