Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fluximon Steerage develops a Fascination

On Tuesdays, Fluximon Steerage was not generally in a mood to make friends. She worked nights, and Tuesday was too far away from the next weekend to seem hopeful and too close to the one gone past to have forgotten that it had ended too soon. Tuesday was fuck you very much day.

So it was with some surprise that Fluximon peered into the hole in the patient's head that Tuesday and saw a light shine through it. She saw brain mass and blood, too, but when she dimmed the lights of the operating room there was no doubt that the patient's head was lit from the inside.

Fluximon worked quickly and vacuumed away the blood, cleaned up the tissue, affixed the platinum plate to the bone, and sowed up the patient's scalp. Then she sat down to wait for the first interesting person she had ever cared for on a Tuesday to wake up. She was anxious to see if the light would shine through his eyes as well.

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