Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visionary urbanism

In the future in my mind we live in intelligent but kind machines where living walls purify our graywater, whether originally part of the architectural design or added onto existing structures. The purified water feeds urban agriculture on miniature or grand scale. The farming is automated to such a degree that no water waste occurs and human labor use is efficient. Growing media include intelligent fabrics which incorporate energy production and storage. Textile architecture not only provides shelter and shade, it also generates its own light during the dark hours.

Our man-made environment lives and breathes with us, and with the natural environment. It responds to our actions and gently guides them. It's Modernism 3.0 baby - functional, gorgeous, utopian, egalitarian, socially conscious and elevating, just like the original.

(But what do I know. Microsoft's future home will give you fashion and consumption advise and help you stay medicated.)

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