Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eau de West Oakland, 2.

There's forty dollar water that comes from under the sea, from "a freshwater iceberg that melted thousands of years ago and, being of different temperature and salinity to the sea water around it, sank to become a lake at the bottom of the ocean floor. The water has been collected through a 3000ft pipeline off the shores of Hawaii."

There's water from various volcanoes, aquifers, glaciers and whatnot, and of course the infamous tapwater of the town of Voss in Norway, which is bottled in perfume-bottle like, heavy, unwieldy containers and sold to unsuspecting Americans. The townspeople of Voss are annoyed because they now have to purchase their drinking water from the next town, but like three of them have made bucketloads of money from this scheme.

According to The Guardian, "a handful of five-star Los Angeles hotels now employ water sommeliers to advise on the best water accompaniment to spiced braised belly pork or fillet of brill with parmentier of truffled leek."

There's got to be water under West Oakland, and money to be made from digging a well, harvesting and packaging it. George Clinton Water! The Funky Choice. Lead, chromium and nickel particles filtered out by the latest in double reverse osmotic purification techniques. Drink it and unleash your positive light, in these uptight times! Let's get satisfied!

Water theme snagged from bldgblog.

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