Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hannibal Erudite had a Farm

Hannibal's chickens had a secret: they could actually fly. By night, they would cross vast distances, from Oakland to Krasnojarsk or Tasmania and back, occasionally laying eggs in strangers' chicken coops or in the nests of altogether different birds.

Hannibal Erudite knew his chickens' secret but never let on, not even to the chickens. He carefully hatched new flying chicks from their eggs and sometimes experimented with different types of feed or vitamins to see if the chicken's behavior would change. Nothing had any effect on the nightly flights, except Hannibal's dancing. Sometimes at night Hannibal would put on Michael Jackson videos and dance to them by himself. The chickens would stay home on those nights. They would gather behind his windows and french doors and look on, clucking and nodding to the beat, watching a human attempt to fly.

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