Monday, June 22, 2009

Shaman Child

My godson's sister who is four is a shaman. Since she was born it has been obvious that she is connected to other worlds.

She doesn't look at you, she looks through you. I don't mean in that way that babies do because their eyes can't focus. I mean she can see what's behind you, really behind you, in the past and in dreams.

When a fly sits on the side of her plate of dessert, Taimi has a conversation with the fly, her fly friend. She feeds the squirrels and she takes the lambs on walks. Luckily, she lives on a farm where she gets to interact with lots of animals. Luckily, she has parents who understand when she has to run off into the forest to yell at the trees.

Taimi has been given a medical diagnosis that is somewhat irrelevant to the fact that she has an extraordinary guardian spirit and has been called to one of the most difficult lives imaginable. Her family is blessed to have an extraordinary child, but they will also be challenged in ways most parents never will be.

This all sounds like new agey nonsense, and it's difficult to explain how I can believe it and hate new agey nonsense at the same time.

It's a Finnish thing.

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