Monday, June 22, 2009

Urban Hick Utopias

Empty warehouses, empty lots, toxic businesses, West Oakland, blah blah. Why can't it all just be verdant farmland?

No, really. High-tech greenhouses that maximize space usage, generate their own power, collect rainwater, host their own bumblebees and require hardly any chemicals, are already operating at full blast in Camarillo, CA. Houweling Nurseries operates a space age farm that employs 450 permanent employees.

"Virtually nothing is wasted in this ecosystem. Workers have dug a four-acre pond to store rainwater and runoff. This water, along with condensation, is collected, filtered and recirculated back to each of the greenhouses. That has cut water use to less than one-fifth of that required in conventional field cultivation. Fertilizer use has been reduced by half. There are no herbicides and almost no pesticides, and there is no dust."
It would beat aluminium processing, right?

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