Monday, July 20, 2009

The Debris of Bill

The condom wrapper appears to have been dumped before Bill's items, as it seems to have been stepped on and quite ground into the street. Among the recent-looking items are several real estate agents' cards, such as Ann Stanley's at First Pacific Mortgage. Is Bill planning to buy a house? He may go to rock concerts or perhaps he visits construction sites. A well worn pair of mismatched earplugs was in his belongings.

Bill appears to be planning to refurbish his bedroom. A plan is drawn on the backside of a greeting card. The colors include latte and white, and among the details are black piping and a new headboard.

On June 1st, Bill had $3616.01 in his bank account at Wells Fargo. That's pretty good, we congratulate Bill on not spending all his money.

He seems to have gone golfing at the Indian Valley Golf Club with his friends Bob, Mike and John, and checked out something at the Lexus of Marin in San Rafael - or maybe Bill Lamphert is actually his own name.

On May 10th, Bill had a dental appointment in Donald W. Guttman's office, and from the same picture we also learn that he listens to The Traveling Wilburys and it looks like his friends Bob and Tom made a mixtape for him with monkeys on the cover.

The undated card signed by Bill's friends, among them Dave Cormoran, Chad Bennett, Jeff Kline, and The Boys, tells us that Bill is a hospitable host, likes surfing, and is or was about to participate in Survivor (the TV series?) after he threw this party for his friends. Bill also appears to be a fan of the game of cribbage.

We wish Bill all the best in his endeavors and are grateful for this opportunity to get to know him better, but we wouldn't mind if whoever dumped his stuff would come and pick it back up.

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