Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ee i ee i Oakland

In case you didn't know, Ghost Town Farm is the interesting blog of the enterprising Novella Carpenter, who wrote the recently published Farm City - The Education of an Urban Farmer. Her urban homestead is right here in West Oakland, in Ghost Town - complete with pigs, goats, bees and turkeys. Reviews are calling the book "utterly enchanting", "very, very funny", and "an engaging inquiry into our culture's complex relationship with food".

This is one of the things that continues to blow my mind about West Oakland: the multitude of creative, revolutionary, brave and righteous approaches that people are taking to food equality, nutrition, social justice, urban life and environmental protection. So many active, resourceful, inventive people who are in it with all their hearts. The City of Oakland has jewels for residents.

If you haven't yet, get the book and read about a fascinating woman's transformational life. Then have your own revolution. The personal is political, nowhere as much as how we eat and create our homes.

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