Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ethnic Estonian Sneakers

Indrek Kaing is an Estonian advertising professional and folk dancer, who wanted to show off the colorful patterns of the traditional outfits off stage, too. He designed a series of sneakers based on regional fabric patterns. Each pair of sneakers says which area of Estonia the pattern is from.

Traditional patterns are all the rage in Estonia right now. The sneakers - as well as mini skirts, vests, and other garments based on folk wear - are the thing to wear this summer.

You can get your pair of patriotic, ethno-centric Estonian fashion accessories from the Rahvusmeened website.

And via this link, you can watch several dozen Estonian girls inexplicably folk dancing in their underpants.

(Item spotted on Helsingin Sanomat, Finnish newspaper, where you can see a picture of Indrek Kaing which I did not post here because he looks kind of dorky.)

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