Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's official: we are awesome

Thank you everyone who brought beautiful energy and joy to our National Night Out Block Party: Michelle for amazing food and for organizing the beautiful dancers from the historic Greater St. John Missionary Baptist Church and for total sound system rescue; Chistopher and Alex for more gorgeous food and friendship and service and graciously serving our ONE HUNDRED PLUS guests; Francisco and family for more lovely food and positive vibrations; David and Zaya for the table tennis arrangements and food and last minute ice run; Tony for the best tri tip in the history of grilling; Red for being her usual beautiful centered love energy emanator; Charlene and David and Kellie and Jean and kids and Tony again for being our anchor and the soul and history of our block; Amana for making so many little boys and girls happy with magical face paintings; Susan and family for even more food and for the most beautiful smiles and energy; the talented, gorgeous, inspiring Jessie and Eddie for performing with fire and light for us and inspiring our kids; Steven and Dwight for helping us out so generously and for being there and being gorgeous; the Oakland Fire Department for showing up and smiling and giving fire hats to the kids and setting many ladies' and some of the gentlemen's hearts aflutter; representatives of OPD and the City of Oakland for making a gracious, friendly, smiling appearance; and everyone else who showed up and contributed and smiled and shared and showed each other the real meaning of the word community. This is what it's all about. We should all be very proud of each other. Peace!

1 comment:

Grego said...

I'm so glad you're seeing, and being, positive forces in your neighborhood. Keep up the strong work! Sorry I couldn't make it to your celebration; hopefully next time.

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