Monday, January 4, 2010

How the U.S. will break up this year

Igor Panarin from the FSB (formerly known as the KGB) has been predicting the “moral and economic collapse” of the US for ten years. According to Igor, it will all fall apart in 2010.

The break-up predicted by Panarin would be the result of mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation, all of which would trigger a second American civil war, and the collapse of the dollar. This would then lead to the break-up of the United States, by mid-2010, into half a dozen regional sub-entities. These would be dominated or absorbed outright by foreign powers.

  • Alaska would revert to Russia, and Hawaii would become Chinese or Japanese.
  • The West Coast (the three Pacific states, joined with Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Arizona in a Californian Republic), would fall to China or at least be under Chinese influence.
  • A Texas Republic, which would also include New Mexico, Oklahoma and all the other traditionally southern states (except the Carolinas, the Virginias, Kentucky and Tennessee), would similarly be either directly or indirectly under the sway of Mexico.
  • The aforementioned southern exceptions would join the northeastern states in forming a bloc that might join the European Union.
  • The rest – all midwestern and western states – would be at Canada’s mercy.
I wonder what "moral degradation" looks like from a KGB perspective?

Item spotted on Strange Maps.

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