Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We hope to welcome People's Grocery!

This week's Grub Box newsletter had very exciting news!

"...we are working on (...) the corner of Filbert St. and 30th St. in West Oakland. It is a 1/3 acre property that has tremendous potential to become an urban farm and training center. People’s Grocery is working with the owner of the property, the Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF), to develop site plans, secure a conditional use permit and establish a lease with NCCLF. We are grateful to NCCLF for presenting this opportunity to People’s Grocery and providing us with funding in support of the planning and development of the site."

I can't imagine more exciting news to kick off 2010! Our own, very cool, excellent, neighborhood urban farm, just one block over! Back when I asked Myrtle Street Review readers to wish us well on our hopes for a community garden – this is even better. If you wished us well, thank you very much.

I look forward to supporting the People's Grocery in any way we can, and can't wait to see them at our next block party!


Gene said...

Cool! I'd heard they were moving from Sunol, but not the particulars of where before.

On the subject of "where", what do you think of as the name of your neighborhood (beyond "West Oakland")? Do you consider 30th and Filbert as in the same named neighborhood or an adjacent one? Thx in advance.

Sussu said...

McClymonds. I think 30th and Filbert is maybe kind of on the edge but still in the McClymonds area.

studiodeb said...

I am very excited about this. The lot you describe used to have a community garden in it maintained by some of the folks across the street at what we (here at Myrtle Street Studios) call "Ghosttown Studios". It's the loft development on the corner of 30th and Filbert. After they sold the lot, the veggie beds were cleared out, and the lot was initially slated for multi-unit housing... I think 6-8 units. Guess the developer bailed. Assuming that the lot is not toxic, this is a great site for a demonstration garden as there is lots of foot traffic down 30th street for bus transit. It will also be a nice counter-point to the corner market a block away that specializes in beer, liquor, and cigarettes.

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