Wednesday, August 4, 2010

National Night Out

This year's National Night Out Block Party on our block was insanely cool. It was rather like the unbelievable ending of a cheesy Hollywood movie where all the neighbors show up and start singing and dancing, and somehow they are all ridiculously talented and put on a world class show and you're watching the movie and you think, yeah. Like that would ever happen in reality.

Except last night IT DID. All I had to do was step outside my door and there was a stage, and sound system, and pretty soon really unbelievable things were happening on that stage! Singing by massively talented ladies. MC:ing by massively talented gentlemen. Spoken word poetry that was real and powerful and moving. Prayers that were heartfelt and uplifting. Praise dancing that was moving and beautiful. Jessi and Eddie showed up again to do their fabulous fire hooping and fire spinning. It was electrifying all around.
There was lots of great food, too, and the requisite bouncy house and cotton candy and popcorn, and lots of smiling friendly people spreading positive vibrations.
I've lived in lots of places, but this is the first time in my life that I feel that I have real neighbors.
Thank you Tony, Alex, Christopher, John, and David, for doing the heavy lifting this year and producing an event that was even cooler than last year's! I think we are on a roll. I think we are changing the world: one corner of it at a time.

Love is in the air.

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Jenn said...

So that's why I had difficulty getting home from Trader Joe's - I think every side street in Rockridge was having a block party... but they didn't bother to put up signs saying "street closed" -- argh!!

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