Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Winners of this year's People's Award

Winners of this year's People's Award, given for general awesomeness by John and Sussu, People, are here: Alex and Christopher.
They are our neighbors and this is why we love them:
They planted trees and other plants up and down our block, making our urban environment healthier and more beautiful. They water and care for the trees and plants, making sure they get a great start.
They make sure our block is cleaner and more secure.
They have beautiful smiles and they are generous with them.
They have made two houses beautiful on our block.
They offer friendship, support and advise to all who ask and need it.
They build relationships with the Oakland Police Officers who come to our block and make them feel welcome.
They brought us new lovely neighbors.
They have great style.
They are the kind of neighbors anyone would be extremely lucky to have and WE GET TO HAVE THEM.
Thank you Alex and Christopher for everything beautiful you do, and for the neighborly friendship, energy, creativity and positivity you so generously share.


Gene said...

great neighbors == priceless

We've got some, and it makes any neighborhood better.

Alex Miller-Cole said...

This is the first time i post comments and it is the first time I get an award. This is a lot for one day! LOL.

Thank for all you do for our community and for our neighborhood.

We cannot bare the thought that you might move one day. We and everyone else in the area will miss you.

Thanks again!


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