Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guerrilla Garden Fruit

Well what do you know, now the tree in the middle of the Myrtle Street Review Guerrilla Garden is bearing fruit of poetry. Here's the current poem (which originated from Stephanie Stolorow's yoga class at Square One). If you'd like to pick the fruit, find this tree and just take it. I bet a new one will pop up!

One day the sun admitted:
I am just a shadow.
I wish I could show you
the infinite incandescence
that has cast my brilliant image.
I wish I could show you,
when you are lonely or in darkness,
the astonishing light
of your own being.

- Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet

Friday, April 9, 2010

Inventor of Trampoline Dead

George Nissen, builder of the world's first trampoline, died today at age 96. He lived to such a high age, no doubt, due to the exhilarating and fitness-enhancing powers of the trampoline. It's a good thing we have a trampoline on our roof to jump on.

George Nissen was trampolining (or tumbling, as the official sport is called) almost to the end of his life.

In 2008, he said "I feel that I should have never left the sport. I should have remained as a coach or something involved in the sport as a profession. I love this sport, and it is the single most exciting thing that I have ever done in my life. When I was active in the sport I woke up every day with a smile on my face, a goal in my head, and a positive attitude on how the day was going to go."

He thought that giving up on the most fun thing in his life, and following others' advise to have a sensible professional career, was his biggest mistake. That's something to think about.

Very Mobile Homes

This guy called Paul made a bike trailer house for Burning Man. It has wind turbine power, a solar cooker and solar water heating. You can read about it and see pictures here.

Since a lot of people liked it, he had a design challenge on his blog for people to create a mobile home for homeless people, that you could use as a pushcart for recycling collection by day, and as a shelter for sleeping and living for night. It has a toilet, cooler, cooker, and everything. Incredible. I'd still prefer that homeless people have homes, but I guess this could be like a band-aid until then.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

West Oakland Historic Bike Ride

The awesome local bike shop, Bikes4Life, organized this bike ride on March 27. Did you know that the DeFremery Park is Oakland's first park? You'll learn that and many other interesting facts on the video. Hopefully there will be more rides soon! Check the Bikes4Life website for future dates, and stop by to check out their bikes or work on your own bike in their work space.

I miss those scraper bike guys, too, I wish they'd ride around the neighborhood again!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday post

It's my birthday and Good Friday, and here's another note from the Analog Myrtle Street Review notebook.
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