Sunday, May 1, 2011

...aaand we're back!

After some contemplation (and being completely submerged under the renovation of the awesome West Oakland fixer-upper we bought in November) The Myrtle Street Review is back!

We're no longer on Myrtle Street physically, but our hearts still are. Our Myrtle Street neighbors are the reason we fell in love with West Oakland and decided to put down roots here. So the blog name is going to stay the same. We're only three blocks away in any case, and can still see the roof deck of our old loft from here.

The focus of the Review is going to shift a little more towards being about things that are happening and being done in the neighborhood... though I expect the occasional fictional story and other whimsical crap will still seep in because magic is magic, and what can you do.

Welcome back!


Gene said...

Welcome back to the blogoaksphere! I've missed hearing more from West Oakland, so I'm glad you're back.

Sussu said...

Thanks Gene! I'm glad to be back too :)

Susan said...

Yeah, thanks for coming back. I want to become more involved in the neighborhood.

I'll bring my kids to the fair on Saturday and maybe get a chance to meet you in person.

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