Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why you should come to St. Andrew's Plaza on Saturday the 14th at 10AM

- because the park is very small, so cleanup takes no time at all

- because everyone who shows up for these park cleanups is extremely sexy

- because there is a $75 000 grant to renovate the park and you can get to be part of deciding what goes there and bring awesome modern innovative city planning ideas

- because parks have trees in them and trees have spiritual beings in them

- because there's usually coffee and snacks

- because you can bring more snacks so it's even more awesome

- because you'll feel all virtuous and good about yourself afterwards

- because you have an excuse to reward yourself and have lunch at Mama Mae's Southern Cafe which is literally two blocks away and it's very cool and you've probably heard about it because all the trendy people go there now

- because you'll dine out on your stories about your amusing interactions with the cleanup crew and park patrons for weeks

- because who knows who you'll meet?

St. Andrew's Plaza is on San Pablo Avenue and 32nd Street. 10 AM. This Saturday. Come join us! I promise it's fun.


Gene said...

Saturday the 14th, you mean?

Sussu said...

Yes! Thank you for catching my mistake :)

Alex Miller-Cole said...

Hey Sussu!
You are the best. Thanks!
You are right in all your statements. It is fun. One feels great afterwards and it is improving our daily experience living in the neighborhood.

Looking forward to seeing all of you awesome volunteers!

You neighbor,

Susan said...

I was there just before noon on Saturday, and didn't see anything going on. Did I miss it? I thought maybe the date was moved.

Sussu said...

Susan, I actually missed it myself because I got really sick the night before. But I hear it was really quick this time - the park is staying in better and better shape.

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