I like to write stuff

I've been writing stories nearly all my life, and doing it professionally since I was fourteen. I first wrote articles for a local newspaper, and have been writing the odd column and magazine article since. The main chunk of my career, however, is in scriptwriting.

Currently I am working on a Finnish feature film called Like There's No Tomorrow (Kuin viimeistä päivää) for Helsinki-Filmi, another feature project that's still a secret, and a TV series concept.
I've written a mini series, several episodes of a popular drama comedy, two produced plays, and media art, all in Finland. I started my career on a hugely popular prime time soap there called Secret Lives (Salatut Elämät), which was a profoundly strange experience and scarred me for life. That job took me to London for a year and a half. That's where we localized the Australian program Neighbours (the show that launched Kylie Minogue) into a product for the Finnish market. Did I mention it was strange? It was strange. 
I'm based in California now, because I fell in love with a cute guy. I live with him, my stepson, our two cats, and a fluffy little dog called Trotsky. My IMDB credits are listed under Susanna Laaksonen, my legal name. You can send me email at sussubot at gmail dot com.
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